Follow Jesus. Love others. Make disciples.

Maranatha is a family that strives to be a growing, contagious community of believers committed to following Jesus' example, sharing his love with everyone, and teaching others to follow Him. We hope you will come to worship with us! It’s our prayer that you’ll experience the presence of God and the love of Christ during your time with us and there will be a desire in your heart to reciprocate His love. We hope you enjoy being together with a family that loves God and loves you!


We invite you to visit any of our services or events to learn how God can change your life through our family!

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Maranatha is affiliated with the Conservative Mennonite Conference (CMC). The Mennonites are named after Menno Simons, one of our early church leaders, and are rooted historically in the “Anabaptist” movement, which began in 1525 with origins in Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands, now reaching around the world. The core belief of the Anabaptist movement centered around Believer’s Baptism (done to publicly acknowledge a decision to follow Christ and signify membership of the church) as opposed to Infant Baptism (since an infant does not understand and thus cannot make the decision, but is held innocent because of his/her age).